15 rules for a co-living newcomer
by Anna Sota
Hi there! The first time I have moved to a co-living was a few years ago. It was so scary and so new. I decided to take my experience and share it so that you wouldn't have the same troubles that I had. I hope you enjoy! :)
1. Go on a tour of the house. While having a tour, you will meet a few other tenants, get to know the people around you. Moreover, you will be able to get to know the perks of the house that you live in.

For example, here at Sota, we have a photo studio, community computers, a podcast room, and so much more available free of charge. You can find more information here: https://gosota.com/value

2. Making new friends. Start a little conversation, for example, during breakfast. Ask about the places to eat, where to take cool pictures or where to go on the weekends. This will help you to get to know the people around you, maybe find something in common, and go exploring the city together.

Co-livings usually have such a different variety of people. You never know where you will find your next business partner, the person who will help you with your website, a model for your photoshoot, or maybe even your partner in crime. Just kidding, please don't. You can see what people can help you with at Sota: https://gosota.com/value
3. Refrigerator space. If you don't want your food to be eaten by someone else, always use containers to separate everything from others. If there are no personal boxes, try to keep all your food in bags with your name on them. This way you will not feel like Ross.

4. Shower wars. Shower space is usually pretty limited, so be kind and don't spend a lot of time in it, especially in the morning. We all want to smell fresh and feel confident throughout the day.

5. Bulletin board. Find a bulletin board as there may be a lot of useful information like ads of people looking for business partners for their new project, nearest restaurants discount, interesting events, or side gig opportunities. Moreover, you can place your ad looking for people with the same hobbies that you have, and you'll have a new buddy by your side.

9. Alarm clock. The worst thing in the world is someone's alarm clock waking you up early in the morning. Set your phone to Vibro, put it under your pillow, and turn it off as soon as you wake up. The same goes for the time you go in the shower. Take your phone with you so it doesn't bother anyone in case it starts ringing.

10. Cloth mountains. Try to put all of your cloth on the shelves and in the wardrobe that you have. If you leave the cloth around the room it will get easy to confuse it with other roommates. Moreover, if there are piles of cloth on the ground, the cleaning lady will stop cleaning around them, and the whole room will look like such a mess.

11. Laundry day.
The smell can get anyone. Try to wash your bedding every 7–14 days, and your cloth every 2–3 days. Use the laundry detergent to smell like spring, alps, or like the ocean.
  • 12. Washing-up.
    Wash your dishes right away! Clean it while you are cooking, after you eat, etc. Don't collect the dirty dishes in the sink. It doesn't make anyone's life easier or happier.
  • 13. Arguing.
    Remember, you live with these people. When we are mad, we can say a lot of nasty things that we don't actually mean. When it is someone close, we can apologize, and forget. However, when it is someone else, the resentment will stay for a lot longer. Try to work all of the arguments out by having a simple conversation with no screaming and no insults.
  • 14. Out of your comfort zone.
    Co-living is really fun, but it can be a little tough at first. You meet new rules, new people, and it can be terrifying. It is normal to have some time to adjust. As a result, you will have such a great experience!
15. Live a happy life. In general, all of these rules are very easy to follow. Do whatever you want others to do for you, and be polite. But most importantly never ever ever eat other people's food!!!

Here at Sota, we welcome everyone. If you are new to co-living, we will help you to adjust, and feel like you are at home. Your new home.