HOW Sota can
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  • The Best Price*
  • All Inclusive
  • Simple To Move In
We are creating a community of entrepreneurs and digital nomads by supplying our tenants with resources they need to start their blog, youtube channel, startup or a clothing company. Let's change this world together!
Everything is included in the price. Cleaning, utilities, internet, kitchen, toilet supplies, even washer, and dryer, maintenance at some locations - everything in a monthly payment. You only pay for background check, deposit (refundable), move-in fee + first month rent. The rest - is on us!
* its our Hollywood location on a photo

Things happen sometimes in an unexpected way: the landlord decides to break your lease,
you break up with a boyfriend/girlfriend etc.
There are only 2 simple steps to move in with us:
1) Stop by for a conversation with the manager and a live tour of the house.
2) Fill in an application form, and pay the background check. That's all! Now you are ready to move in.
Sota helps you to save money. We offer a short term lease, you can switch between our locations and meet new people. Plus all of the accommodations are included in the price.
Additional free services available for our tenants
  • Mix and Match
  • CV Assistant
  • Logo & Landing Page Design
  • Mentorship & Cources
Sota is not a destination for you. It is a stop on a way to your big dream. That's why we want to help you on your way. We have a lot of talented professionals, who are also our tenants, that can be a part of your band or who can help you to make a few steps closer to your dream. By becoming a part of our community you automatically get an opportunity to connect with professionals you are looking for.
We have a high level professional who can help you create a CV that will get you that job that you want. Together you can work on your existing CV or create a new one.
We have experienced mentors that can help you with launching your own business. Moreover we can provide contacts of our partners who can help you apply for the grant or help you with your first investment.
You can request a logo for your project from our designer. Just share your ideas, and he will do the work. You can request a logo only if you sign a 3 month lease.
Do you have all you need to start your business, but still need a landing page? We got it! Just sign a 7 month lease, and you will be able to request a landing page from our designer for free!
Studying is a huge part of everyone's life, so we are working on a new partnership with an online course resource. We want every one of our tenants to be able to gain new skills online.
+1 424 527 6359
2815 w 7th street, Los Angeles
*Please advise that complimentary services, such as Wi-Fi, cleaning, supplies etc… vary by location and are fully and completely at discretion of the management
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