Partnership with SOTA for Property Owners & Capital Providers

We are a company with more than five years of experience in coliving space, during COVID-19 we had an increase of 20%. Our main expertise is sales and operations, and we are interested in new properties.
Our Advantages
Our team is comprised of diverse and talented individuals with a diverse range of skills. Each person brings something special to the table
We have a strong vision to be the number one coliving company in California before 2024.
We know that the most successful coliving business is the one that will create a sense of community among its members. We believe in creating lasting relationships with our members.
How we work
Prepare a location
The first step is to create a right setup of rooms, common spaces, kitchen, and equipment. The next step is to explore the possibilities for various design layouts on a site plan.
Set up Operations
The manager is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the property. He or she is in charge of ensuring that the building is clean and in good repair, policy enforcement, liaising with other managers, suppliers and staff.
Launch Sales
Filling space with the right people is the key element of creating a successful community. That's why we developed a multi-level system for leads to follow before becoming our tenants.
If you have property with 20+ bedrooms available in Los Angeles area give us a call
Phone number: 424-527-6359

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