Who live with US?
We are creating a community of entrepreneurs and digital nomads
We have people that want to start a company they are saving monay or arived to LA to test thir sturtup idea. Perfect enviroment to get your ideas tested. And save monay for additional improvements of your project. Also we cooperate with incubators from all ower the world.
Film industry
We cooperate with LA Film School and Stella Adler Academy. We have producers, actors, writers, and many more people from the industry that
Music & Content creators
We have people that
We know that Sota is not a destination - we are a stop on the way to your dream. That's why we try
to help our tenants to be successful. We have a professional person that can help you to organize CV and find a new job.
+1 424 527 6359
2815 w 7th street, Los Angeles
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